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funny auto-correct texts - Classic DYAC: She Swears By It

Classic DYAC: She Swears By It

Treating tendonitis just got hot. Really hot.

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funny auto-correct texts - FYI


Was chatting with a friend of mine on skype, and my android decided that ‘gallbladder’ would make for rather boring conversation.. So it changed the word.

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funny auto-correct texts - First Things First

First Things First

My daughter has a stress fracture and was put on crutches. I guess it’s obvious she’s not too happy about it.

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funny auto-correct texts - A Very Bad Foot

A Very Bad Foot

A patient of mine experiancing pain in her foot was instructed to see how it goes after treatment, and if it’s still giving her pain next week, we will look at x-raying it. Permission to post was given by the patient

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