Funny Auto Correct Fails about: farts

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funny auto-correct texts - Jersey: Nothing But Class

Jersey: Nothing But Class

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funny auto-correct texts - That Date’s Gonna Stink!

That Date’s Gonna Stink!

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funny auto-correct texts - Windbags Run In The Family

Windbags Run In The Family

My 12 year old daughter and I were texting while at my in law’s house. My husband wouldn’t stop talking, loudly, and we wanted to leave. My mother in law is in ill health and tends to be gassy after we eat dinner, and she has a bad habit of passing gas in front of […]

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funny auto-correct texts - Just Can’t Contain It

Just Can’t Contain It

I was just telling my girlfriend what I was doing and apparently she has a very unique way to show that she’s happy. I gotta say, I approve

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funny auto-correct texts - A Strong Recommendation

A Strong Recommendation