Funny Auto Correct Fails about: dinner

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funny auto-correct texts - Roughing It For Dinner

Roughing It For Dinner

Trying to text my mum at work to pick up a few things on her way home. My phone didn’t agree.

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funny auto-correct texts - A Complicated Salad

A Complicated Salad

Husband was asking me to make pizza for dinner; I was suggesting salad, but Siri couldn’t seem to understand that. Every wrong word in this text was “salad”. I tried to list some of the salad ingredients to he’d understand, but that didn’t work either. Krissie is my sister.

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funny auto-correct texts - Mmm


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funny auto-correct texts - What’s For Dessert?

What’s For Dessert?

My Mom and friend talking about what she had for dinner and dessert.

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funny auto-correct texts - Stressing About Dinner

Stressing About Dinner

Hubby was asking me about going out to dinner but I’m not sure what he was saying next.. LOL