funny auto-correct texts - Damn You Autocorrect Book: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!

We’re excited to announce the Damn You Auto Correct book, due out in the spring from Hyperion!

We are currently gathering submissions. If you’d like to be featured in the book, please send in your funniest autocorrects and texting mishaps. You can submit via the online form, or by emailing us at People who have the official DYAC app can submit there as well.

Though a submission does not guarantee publication, we hope that you’ll send us your best texting mishaps this holiday season! Even if we can’t feature them in our book, they could still make it up on the site. Either way, you’ll be the coolest kid at the party for sure.

By submitting your images, you agree to be featured in our book and on the site as per DYAC’s terms and conditions.

Text on!
Jillian Madison