The Pophangover Network is launching a brand-new site called Drawsome/Not Drawsome, dedicated to showcasing the best and worst art from the new app “Draw Something.”

On Drawsome/Not Drawsome , people submit their best and worst Draw Something pictures, and we post them for you guys to vote on! Thumbs up equals Drawsome! and a thumbs down is a Not Drawsome. We’ll post the Most Drawsome of the week on

So head on over to Drawsome/Not Drawsome to vote on the great pictures that are already there, and don’t forget to submit your own pictures! You take a screen shot (on iPhone) the same way you’d capture your Autocorrects– by pressing the Power and Home keys, simultaneously.

Special thanks to Kayla S. who was the first to suggest that we do a Draw Something-inspired page.

funny auto-correct texts - New Site Announcement: Drawsome/Not Drawsome

Submitted by Trevor