funny auto-correct texts - WHY SIRI WHY: Send Us Your Submissions

Hey DYAC readers! Jillian Madison here.

We’re getting ready to launch a new site featuring the best – and worst – of Siri, the iPhone’s new virtual assistant. The site,, will kick off next week.

If Siri said something that made you laugh, cringe, or blush, we want to know about it! Take a screencap of your phone and e-mail it it to us at siri [at] for consideration on the site. You can also submit it using the “submit” form here on DYAC.

DYAC is so great because of all the hilarious user submissions and comments we get on a daily basis from you guys. We hope you’ll participate in and enjoy WHYSIRIWHY just as much.

And now back to your regularly scheduled autocorrects!