Hey DYAC readers!  My name is Jillian Madison. I do a bunch of the behind-the-scenes stuff here at DYAC, including reading all of your submissions and answering all of your e-mails. Many of you seem to submit the same questions and comments over and over, so I thought it would be helpful to put together an official DYAC FAQ to answer everything in one place. Let’s do this.

Q: How do I take a screen shot of a text fail using my iPhone?

A: Hold down the power button on the top right of your phone. While you’re still holding it down, tap the circular home button the front of your phone. You will hear a “click” sound that lets you know the screen shot was taken successfully. If you own a Droid, or other device, it’s a little more complicated. When in doubt, Google it!

Q: How do I submit a text fail?

A: Head to http://damnyouautocorrect.com/submit. You can also email the submission directly to us at submit [at] damnyouautocorrect.com. Or, if you own an Apple device and have our app, you can submit it directly from your device.

Q: I submitted something to you ages ago. Why isn’t it on the site yet? You suck.

A: Due to the volume of submissions, it usually takes around 5-8 days for accepted entries to show up on the site. If you don’t see your submission after that time, it was probably rejected. Don’t be sad, though. We reject entries if they are confusing to read or are too similar in content to an autocorrect already on the site. Also, we try to only post the funniest autocorrect fails to keep the site interesting and fun. We get hundreds of submissions a day, and of those only 12 get posted to the site every day, so please don’t be offended if your submission didn’t make the cut. Just submit again!

Q: I want to read DYAC on the go. You should have an app.

A: We do! We have an app in the iTunes music store for your iPhones, iPads, and iPods. You can read about all the fun stuff it does by clicking here, or you can buy it by clicking here. Alternatively, you can just search for DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT in the App Store. Beware of crappy imposters! And please note, we do not have an app for the Droid market yet, so if you have one on your phone, it’s not ours.

Q: That entry is totally fake. It doesn’t autocorrect to that on my phone!

A: Autocorrect behaves differently on everyone’s phone, and it “learns” words based on things you have typed in the past. If you can’t reproduce it on your phone after numerous tries, it doesn’t mean it is fake. It just means you have too much time on your hands.

Q: But the keystrokes aren’t even near each other! It’s fake!

A: Proximity of the keys has absolutely nothing to do with how Autocorrect works. It’s based on a complex formula of algorithms and keystrokes, and it was created by elves who work tirelessly day and night in their treehouses in an effort to embarrass you by having your phone insert the word “penis” into as many conversations as possible. Sometimes you meant to write penis. Often times, you didn’t. But that’s not the point. The point is: Less analyzing. More laughing. And leave the “FAKE” comments where they belong – in the comments section under reblogged photos of Pam Anderson’s boobs.

Q: Does DYAC have a Facebook page or Twitter account?

A: We have both! You can find us on Facebook here, or on Twitter here. We want to get to 1 million Facebook fans, so come “like” us for DYAC updates, exclusive give-aways, news, and more.

Q: One of your annoying sidebar ads automatically played sound and scared the sh*t out of me.

A: All sites in the Pophangover Network have a ZERO tolerance policy for ads that automatically play sound. Believe me, I hate them as much as you do. We are working hard to prevent them from ever showing up here, but the sad reality is that sometimes they slip through the cracks. If you see/hear an ad that automatically plays sound, please take a moment to screen-cap it and email it to us. We need to know the ad’s exact location on the webpage so we can contact the advertisers responsible for it and scream at them… er, I mean… politely ask them to stop serving the ad. Finally, I know all the ads in the sidebar are annoying, but I need the money they earn to offset the high cost of owning and operating this website. Bandwidth doesn’t grow on trees, you know. But it should.

Q: This site makes me laugh and gets me through every work day! I’d like to make a donation.

A: Well that’s awfully nice of you! You can paypal your gratitude to the email address: info@studio159.com

Q: This site made me pee my pants. Will you buy me a new pair?

A: Sadly, you are on your own with that one. We will send you a diaper though.

Q: Do you have an RSS feed?

A: Yes we do! You can find the DYAC feed at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/autocorrect

Q: How do I get my photo to appear in the comments?

A: Head to http://gravatar.com, sign up for an account, and upload your photo there. Then, when you comment here, use the same e-mail address you used to sign up at Gravatar. All set!

Q: How do you read the texts on this site? I’m confused. Break it down? Please?

A: funny auto-correct texts - Damn You Autocorrect: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who runs this website?

A: Me, Jillian Madison! I run all the sites in that big-ass bulky header at the top of your screen. Pophangover is not a big company like some of those “other” website networks out there; I’m just one person trying to make you guys laugh. So if you have questions, comments or ways you think DYAC could be improved – or if you just want to say hi – feel free to email me or stalk me on Facebook or Twitter.

Q: My question isn’t answered here.

A: You can email DYAC 24/7 using the “contact” tab in the nav header. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

And now back to your regularly scheduled autocorrects! Text on!