We’ve just been made aware that an ad that automatically plays audio is appearing on this site, and other sites across the Pophangover network.

We wanted to let you know we have a 100% NO TOLERANCE POLICY for ads that automatically play audio. Believe me, we hate them as much as you do. We have agreements with all of our advertisers that they will not run them, but the truth is sometimes 1) they just blatantly lie to us or 2) someone they’re working with is lying to them.

If you see an ad that plays automatic sound, please know we did not intentionally put it there – and that we are working hard to keep the site fun, safe, and NOT ANNOYING.  Please take a moment to screen-cap any audio ads and e-mail them to us at contact [at] damnyouautocorrect.com so we know which advertiser is serving it and who to start yelling at.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled autocorrects!